Auma Sa071 Wiring Diagram

Auma Sa071 Wiring Diagram - Auma AMExC 01.1 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Auma AMExC 01.1 Operation Instructions Manual. Page 50: Legend For Standard Wiring Diagram. Actuator controls AUMA MATIC AM/ AMExB/ AMExC Profibus DP Operation instructions 15.1 Legend for standard wiring diagram Torque switch, closing, clockwise rotation Torque switch, opening, counterclockwise rotation (DOEL) Limit switch, closing, clockwise rotation (WSR) Limit switch, opening. actuators delivered by AUMA are equipped with integral controls now. The latest detailed information on the AUMATIC actua-tor controls can be found on the Internet under All documents, including dimensional drawings, wiring diagrams and final inspection records for supplied devices are available on the Internet in digital form..

Actuator controls AUMA MATIC AM 01.1/AM 02.1 for controlling multi-turn actuators of the SA/SAR type range and part-turn actuators of the SG/SGR type range.. 1.2 Short description AUMA multi-turn actuators type SA(R) 07.1 - SA(R) 16.1 with integral controls AM MC 01.1/ 02.1 have a modular design.Motor and gearing are mounted in a common housing.. Appendix A standard wiring diagram 49 15.1 Legend for standard wiring diagram 50 15.2 Additional information to the wiring diagram legend 50 16. Appendix B Proposed external wiring diagram 51 AUMA actuators support baud rates up to 1.5 MBits/s 4.4 Bus access. Token-passing between the masters and polling between master and..

OPERATION INSTRUCTONS MODEL SG 05.1 – SG 12.1 Quarter-Turn Actuators AUMA quarter-turn actuators are high quality electro-mechanical devices. The AUMA Model SG is a quarter turn electric actuator, designed in accordance with AWWA Standards. Always refer to the proper electrical diagram before wiring.. Nov 08, 2016  · AUMA electric actuators, Connection scheme to power grid Armaturen- Und Maschinen-Antriebe (Valve- and Machine Actuators) AUMA electric actuators are capable of operating all types of quarterturn. New wiring diagram designations. Current designation. KMS – SA.1 NORM actuator. MSP – actuator with AM controls. ACP – actuator with AC.1 controls.

Non-Intrusive multi-turn actuators for open-close duty with integral controls AUMATIC . Type SA 07.2 – SA 16.2 with AC 01.2 Version according to wiring diagram TPC A-0A1-1C1-A000 TPA 00R100-3I1-000. 3--phase 230 or 400 VAC Wiring diagram KMS TP100/001 1--phase 230 VAC Wiring diagram KMS1 TP100/001 Other connstructions 1/4 turn ACTELEC SG05.1 to SG12.1 (AUMA) 6 Legends of wiring diagrams on pages 4, 5 and 6 S1 DSR Torque limit switch, closing, clockwise rotation S2 DÖL. Wiring diagram for standard version, multi-turn actuator closes valve clockwise. The wiring diagram shows the non-rotating multi-turn actuator in intermediate position. Limit and torque switches can be provided as single, tandem, or triple switches. Only the same potential can be switched on the two circuits (NC/NO contact) of each single switch..

Pertaining wiring diagram and matching data sheet - AUMA CDT downloads these docu- ments directly from the AUMA server. Data records of actuators can be saved on the laptop and transmitted to AUMA service for assessment. Documents Similar To Auma Catalog. 1.1.1 TI. View Notes - AUMA manual from INST 101 at Autonomus Institute of Technology of Mexico. Electric multi-turn actuators SA 07.1 SA 30.1 SAR 07.1 SAR 30.1 with actuator controls AUMA MATIC AM 01.1 /.