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Old House Wiring Switch - When replacing 3-way switches in old wiring situations where all the wires connected to the existing 3-way switch are - Answered by a verified Electrician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website.. I am replacing an OLD dimmer switch with a new one. Old wiring in the house. Coming out of the box I have two white wires and one black one. The dimmer switch has two black and a ground green.. How to Install a Light Switch in an Old House Courtesy of Tristan Jadczak Caution Any thing involving electricity is no joke!!! Don't do this without permission. Always turn off the circuit for the room if not the whole house. You can do this using the circuit breaker.It is usually located in the basement..

Before I explain the problems, let's examine this old type of wiring. Fairly common in houses built before 1930, the system uses porcelain insulators (knobs) for. The right time to replace old wiring like this is when there are obvious signs of a problem, such as scorch marks on terminals in switches and outlets, missing or damaged insulation and any other condition that might expose you or your house to a live wire.. House is 80 years old. 2 black wires in switch box and no ground. Trying to replace single pole light switch with motion sensor light switch that works with incandescent,LED, and florecent bulbs..

Dec 07, 2010  · Original old house wiring was often red and black, with no white wire. So, what they probably did was make a connection with new wire from the breaker panel (red, black, and white) and tied it to the existing wire to the switch (so they didn't have to replace the wiring in the wall).. Wiring a light switch with the power coming from the light(s) to the switch is probably the easiest way to wire a switch. If you have the chance, wire your lights this way as it is the easiest scenario.. Plenty of home improvement and remodeling projects require either new wiring or replacements for old, worn, or fried connections. For extensive work, it is obviously best to hire an electrician, but some projects might be within the skill level of the average DIYer..

Wiring a 2-way switch is about as simple as it gets when it comes to basic house wiring. First of all we need to go over a little terminology so you know exactly what is being discussed. Go to my Switch Terminology Page where I discuss the terms used for the different types of home electrical switches.. Old Style House Fuse Box - Auto Electrical Wiring Diagram old style house fuse box. Old Home Wiring Types - Knowing how to wire a light switch can save you both time and money. Working with electricity makes some people nervous.. It is possible that that additional wiring is already in place and you won't have to add it. Another possibility, much easier, is to remove the wires from the switch and splice them together with a wire nut. This disables the switch, but makes the switched outlet powered all the time..

Identify the three different colored wires, and attach the new light switch to the wires in the same way they had been attached to the old switch. If your wires are solid copper, create a loop in the end of the wire with the pliers and guide it around the screw on the side of the switch.. Tag the common wire with a piece of electrical tape to identify it when wiring the new dimmer. • Disconnect all wires from the old switch. If you are replacing an existing dimmer, you would need to unscrew the wire nuts around the switch wires and house wires..

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